Ann Marie Laurendeau

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Anemone Makeup Founder

Anemone Makeup Founder, Ann Marie Laurendeau is a Boston-based makeup artist, hairstylist and educator with over 20 years experience working in a variety of media.

Throughout her career Ann Marie has personally provided makeup and hairstyling for countless corporate and retail businesses, celebrities, entertainers & sports figures for television, photo shoots, stage productions and Broadway theatre. Her work is often seen on networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, NESN, FOX & CNN. Her extensive client list includes; BOSE, Live Nation, The Boston Bruins, Rob Grownkowski, TED Talks,  Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bernie & Phyl’s, Self, Shape and MORE Magazine.

Teaching Her Craft

The art of applying makeup for camera and stage lighting is a specialized skill that Ann Marie has mastered. She frequently conducts makeup classes and workshops at colleges and universities throughout greater Boston and New England. In 2006 she expanded her teaching to include a variety of makeup classes for aspiring makeup artists and individuals.

Ann Marie is based in Boston, and frequently travels throughout Greater Boston, New England, New York and beyond.