Best Skin Care Ingredients for Mature Skin

It’s well known that antioxidants found in foods are great for your overall health. Did you also know antioxidants added to skin care can give your skin a younger appearance? When choosing products to combat aging, here are five of the best ingredients to look for!

  1. Green tea extract – Loaded with nutrient moisturizer that slows down the signs of aging, may diminish sun damage.

  2. Retinal – Retinal made from vitamin A. It boosts the amount of collagen your body makes by plumping the skin, reducing fine line and wrinkles. It also improves skin tone and color. 

  3. Vitamin E – Helps Protect Skin from the outside elements, it’s often added to sunscreens.

  4. Vitamin C – The antioxidants in Vitamin C boosts the amount of collagen and minimizes fine lines wrinkles and scars.

  5. Caffeine - Helps prevent the growth or skin cancer and when applied to the skin may make eye wrinkles less defined.