Organizing your Cosmetics

The start of spring always feels like the best time to clean and de-clutter. My cosmetics drawer is one area in particular that I like to keep organized. Without having to search for a certain color of lipstick, or eye shadow, I can apply my makeup in minutes!

Like food, makeup has an expiration date, even though it is not often listed on the label. Basic common sense should let you know if you have had something too long.  It's a good idea to toss anything with an odor, powders or creams that are broken or cracked and especially colors that look dated.

If you've ever wondered how long to keep your makeup products, here are some general guidelines to assist you in getting rid of items you've had in your possession far too long.

Concealer: 6 months
Powders and shadows: 2 years
Cream shadows: 12 to 18 months
Foundation:  6 months to 1 year
Lipstick & lipliner: 1 year
Mascara & eyeliners: 3 months

Tips for keeping cosmetic products fresh and longer lasting!

Use pump and tube containers as much as possible. If you are using a jar, use a plastic spatuala or cotton swab to remove product instead of your fingers. 

Apply makeup with clean latex sponges and brushes. Do not keep soiled sponges or pufs in foundation or powder compacts.

Don't share cosmetics, especially mascara.

If your cosmetics have an unusual odor, they may contain bacteria and should be discarded.

Close product lids tight and store out of sunlight, as this can destroy the preservatives.

If there are any changes in color and texture, dispose of the product immediately.

If you test makeup from a department store, never apply directly from the makeup. Instead, use a clean, disposable applicator (i.e., cotton swab, sponge) to apply cosmetics.