About Anemone Makeup Classes

Anemone Makeup Artist Classes were developed in 2004 by veteran Boston makeup artist and Anemone product line founder Ann Marie Laurendeau. She offers a variety of classes in professional makeup artistry for beginners, working makeup artists, and private clients.

Ann Marie Laurendeau has been teaching various forms of makeup artistry for decades by offering individual sessions to her executive clients and workshops and seminars for college theater art students throughout New England. Ann Marie developed this program as a way to assist students begin or advance their careers by learning the both the art and business of makeup.

Ann Marie’s compassionate, honest, and non-competitive approach to learning allows students to acquire a better understanding of specialized application techniques, makeup products, and colors. Class size is limited to small groups and tailored to meet the needs of each individual student.  

What makes our program unique is that students may enroll in our intensive, one-week Makeup Artist Training Program or only the individual classes that they need in a particular makeup field. 

Each class includes lectures, demonstrations, hands-on practice, individualized assistance, and a practice manual. Students leave our programs with the confidence and skills they need to take their careers to the next level.